PLAI Congress 2017
Registration Form

PLAI Congress 2017
Libraries Take Action: Providing Access and Opportunity for All
21-24 November 2017

Due to limited seats, online and PAID registration is required. To avail of the Early-bird Rate, payment must be deposited on or before October 15, 2017. To avail of the Standard Rate, payment must be deposited on or before November 15, 2017. Regular Registration Rates will apply for payments made after November 16, 2017. This is to meet the booking and payment requirements of SMX and the caterer prior to the date of the Congress.

PLAI continuing members should pay Membership Annual Due for 2017 of P300.00. New members/newly registered librarians should pay a one-time Membership Fee of P500.00 and the PLAI Annual Due for 2017 of P300.00 for a total of P800.00.

Payment may be deposited to
BDO Account No. 451 000 1102
Account name: Philippine Librarians Association, Inc.

Deposit slip should be scanned and uploaded upon registering online. This year only paid participants can register online and avail discounted rates. Official Receipt will be issued onsite at the registration which would start at 1:00 PM on 21 November 2017.

Participants shall be responsible in booking their own accommodations. The local organizers may arrange for optional tours to local heritage sites, libraries, museums, and other places of interest in Bacolod City for a fee after the Congress.

Please call 09277927992 if you need assistance/further clarification.

Registration Fee:

  Early-bird Rate * Standard Rate ** Regular ***
Non-PLAI Member+ P6,000 P6,500 P7,000
PLAI Member+ P5,000 P5,500 P6,000
Undergraduate Student - P2,000 P2,500 P3,000
Foreign Participant+ USD 150
+ Inclusive of meals (3 lunches, 6 snacks, 1 fellowship dinner), Congress kit and certificate.
- Inclusive of meals (6 snacks only), Congress kit and certificate.
*Early bird - Registration and payment must be made on or before 15 Oct 2017.
** Standard Rate - Registration and payment must be made between 15 Oct - 15 Nov 2017.
***Regular - Registration and payment made after 16 Nov 2017.

Welcome to the PLAI Congress 2017 Online Registration! Kindly fill-out ALL the details in this registration form and ensure that you have provided all the details correctly. Thank you!

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